Procad Viz is a circle of engineers, architects and designers who share your passion for beautiful design. As an Autodesk authorized training center, we’ve trained thousands on how to get the most out of the software tools you work with every day.

Whatever your source file, the Procad Viz team will find a way to work with it, and create stunning visualizations.



VIV is a visualization tool perfected by Procad Viz, that takes the viewer on a 360 degree tour of your condo, office or commercial space. VIV lets your customers navigate through your environment at their own pace, with the simple click of a mouse.

More compelling than a still image, and a lot less expensive than a video production, our VIVs are light enough to be viewed on a smart phone.


Montreal designer Conceptum creates beautiful office environments. They commissioned this VIV from us to offer their client a tour of their new space with several different design options, all in one light and compact presentation.


EvoluHome is a home automation company. This VIV was a cost-effective way for EvoluHome customers to tour a typical home space and see the services they offer.

Industrial Lofts

We initially created a highly photo-realistic still frame visualization of this New York style loft. Our client liked it so much, he ordered a single view VIV so his clients could see the full impact of our work.


It will be a beautiful building. You can see it clearly. But right now, it’s a construction zone. Procad Viz will help your clients to see what you see, producing photo-realistic visualizations that will immerse them in your project.

We’ll stay true to your vision, clearly conveying the most important information. Then, we’ll dress it up with enhanced lighting effects, glorious color and a few other tricks of the trade.


The key to effective residential visualizations is to make people feel at home in your space. We remove all clutter, and use warm lighting effects to create a sense of comfort, even in the most sophisticated settings.


Visualizing a store concept makes good business sense, because it enables your clients to weigh in with changes early on in the design stage, when the impact of modifications is less costly. Many Procad Viz clients also use our visualizations as a great alternative to expensive photo shoots.

Office Lofts

Are you bidding on the design of a potential client’s new office space? Visualizations from Procad Viz have helped many of our clients to enhance their submissions, and win their bids.


Our roots are in architecture. It’s where we developed our expertise in visualizations. But that same expertise is easily applied to other industries, and there really are no boundaries.

Imagine being able to pitch your concept for a product without spending money on a prototype. Imagine being able to start marketing campaigns long before a photo of your product exists. Imagine avoiding expensive photo shoots altogether.

Procad VIz. If you can dream it, we can visualize it.

  • L'Oreal

    We’ve done a fair bit of product visualizations for this cosmetics giant. They simply send us the same files that would go to their printer, and we create beautiful 3D products, complete with packaging.

  • Steel Space

    Transforms old shipping containers into pop-up stores. We’ve created several visualizations that helped Steel Space to sell their store concepts to their clients.